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Clash of Clans Gems Hack! (Online)

 Yes you heard it right now you can add any resources online with our new clash of clans hack. We are Clash of Clans Bugs team and we are against freemium players who are buying gems and leveling so much faster than regular players.. We are constantly analyzing supercell servers and finding even small data leaks which help us to create in game bugs. Most of the bugs you know like unlimited walls, gold chest hack and other mostly came from our group. Now we found GEMS exploit and we want to share it online until supercell fixed it.. In our knowledge only solution to fixing this bug is to removing ability to buy gems!

Instructions How to Use Online Gems Generator (older version)

To Generate Resources Press The Button Bellow

Generate Resources

Attention! New versions of a generator by Clash of Clans Bugs team released! 2017 December. Enjoy guys!


So from now on you don’t have to download any crappy software we made this clash of clans gems hack online! In this version we also included antiban and updated the new system which generates other resources so now you can add as many gems and other resources as you like! Of course some limitations apply to not abuse this tool and stay under supercell radar..
 Follow instructions in the video bellow to learn how to use our clash of clans gems hack and add resources like gold, elixir and gems to your account. Our online generator is completely free so enjoy and share with your friends! Share the news about our clash of clans bugs team!

Straigh to the point this is some serious stuff! Personally we are one of the top 15 clans in clash of clans league and i can’t reveal our identities but this generator helped us so much to be where we are now.. 🙂 Now we are sharing it with you guys and battling these players who are buying gems! Making this game equal to all of you!


More about the game for the noobs

Clash of Clans is an amazing multiplayer game from supercell. You can build your own mini town, train various soldiers and fight with other to get resources and trophies. With resources you can build your own mini town and main resources are gold and elixir. You can join clans and battle together in the clan battles against each other clan. This part is really fun and if you win you get a lot of resources.
clash of clans game
Also you can purchase in game gems but with our hack you don’t have to. This is common in supercell games and we are trying to hack these games and let players use gems freely no matter their financial situation. Clash of Clans game is generating millions of dollars per day for supercell so why we have to feed that beast if we can hack them! As you know Clash of Clans is top 5 most in the world played game on mobile platforms so it is very interesting to meet people playing around the world or you country. Find out more about the game at official website – Supercell Website

Sincerely, Clash of Clans Bugs Team !

If you have any problems you can contact us by email or Facebook any time!

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